Now I Believe In God

9-years old Michael came to the GNC in Brno for the very first time.

When I taught the Bible lesson and I said:

God loves also you!

Michael put up his hand and said:

But I don´t believe in God.

But still God loves you, I answered. And maybe you don´t believe because there was nobody to tell you about Him.

Yes, you are right, said Michael and he listened very carefully all the Bible lesson.

When the quiz started, I was surprised that Michael knew all answers very well. I commend him and all the children received Bible verse on sticker.

When the club finished and we left the place Michael came on scooter again and said:

Now I probably will believe in God. I sticked the verse on our fridge. I am looking forward to the next club!

Next three clubs Michael was good listener and reader of WDB he received. He also attended his very first camp with a local church on July.


Story from Czech Republic,