Importance of Evangelizing Children

18  … God … gave us the ministry of reconciliation;
20 Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ,
God making his appeal through us.
We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.

2 Cor. 5:18 and 20 (ESV)


CEF Culture Point 4

Importance of Evangelizing Children

There is no limit to the number of organizations that do many good things that are important to boys and girls in need. We are thankful for them and believe that God uses them to help hurting children. CEF, however, has been called by God to make it our highest priority to present the Gospel so children may be saved and discipled in God’s Word. We must stay on point.

Christians are the only ones to whom God has entrusted the ministry of reconciliation. Though others can do many good things for boys and girls they cannot bring them the message of salvation. Only those, who have been reconciled to God, can do this. Only they can help children to solve their biggest problem, which is sin; to find their real aim for life, which is living for Jesus Christ and to reach their joyful destination, which is heaven.

With this unique ministry comes a special calling. We are ambassadors for Christ! This is especially our calling, as ones who are reaching children with CEF. God could have chosen many different ways to make His appeal to children. But HE has decided to proclaim the Gospel through us. If we don’t do it no angel will do the job for us. This gives our ministry value and importance, but at the same time it puts a responsibility on our shoulders. God is counting on you!

Does all of this apply only to those who are involved in direct children’s ministry with CEF? Definitely not! Following 1 Corinthians 12:17 we could say, “If the whole body were a mouth, where would be the equally necessary hands to do the bookkeeping and administration and layout work, etc?”

The whole organisation of CEF has just one purpose: to evangelize children and to disciple and establish them in local churches. No matter where God has placed you in this organisation or whether you work full time or as a volunteer, what you do is linked to that one purpose! What you do is important to reach children with the Gospel!

The calling from God to evangelize children is a privilege, a joy and an honour.

It gives authority, requires obedience, includes urgency and needs perseverance.

With the calling God also gives you the necessary grace!

Gerd Walter