Knowing God – and two great results (2)

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear.
Ps 46:1-2a (ESV)

Knowing God produces wonderful results in our lives! In this short series we will look at two of them. The first one is that we will not fear!

In our last verse we saw that God is the Most High, who controls every circumstance in our lives. He is powerful and He loves us. Our present verse, from the beginning of the same Psalm, says the same thing in a very practical way.

The loving God is our refuge. We come to Him in distress and pour out our hearts. And He reveals Himself as our comforter and protector. This refuge moves along with us, even as we bring the Gospel into the enemy’s territory.

The powerful God is our strength! The challenges of ministry, the troubles of life; they can wear us out. But God enables us to bear them. His strength is equal to the problems we face. His strength is always sufficient!

The living God is a very present help in trouble! He is always there. More present than a good friend can be and closer than trouble itself can come. God is also a well-proved help. He leads us through the dark valleys and out of the deep crises!

Missionary family Dick and Margaret Hillis suddenly found themselves in the middle of a civil war in the country where they served. One night, the house next door exploded. It appeared that their home would be next. The Hillis family huddled in the corner as another shell exploded, sending dirt and glass through windows and walls. The children screamed. The family prepared for death. But then the bombing stopped abruptly. Later, when Dad put his daughter, Margaret Anne, to bed he noticed a dirty scrap of paper stuffed under her pillow. These words were printed on it in big, childlike letters: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” During the nights of terror, little Margaret Anne had been resting on a very big promise from a God, who is a very present help.1

The truth of a loving and living God is so powerful, that it can calm the most fluttering nerves and can fill the most anxious heart with peace. When we know that God is God, we will not fear, not even in the “worst-case scenario” of Psalm 46:2-3.


Because trouble is part of our lives, the pharmacy of God’s Word is open 24/7.
For best results, memorize and meditate on God’s medicine!

Gerd Walter

1 From: R. J. Morgan, Preacher’s Sourcebook of Creative Sermon Illustrations, 382f