Victorious Life 1

For the battle is the Lord’s. 1 Samuel 17:47 (ESV)

The gospel does not stop being good news when we come to sanctification and in particular to the part of sanctification that involves the spiritual battles we have to fight. Just as redemption is a free gift of the Lord to His church, so is the victory over Satan and sin. With regard to a victorious life, the first truth that we need to believe and to understand is the one expressed in our verse: for the battle is the Lord’s. This truth is wonderfully illustrated in the well known and yet, in this respect, so unknown story of David and Goliath, because we are not used to read it in the context of the whole Bible and as a foreshadowing of the victory of Christ.

The enemy gathered their armies against the people of God (1 Sam 17:1). What the People of Israel experienced then, the church is facing in a similar sense today. We have an enemy. His nature is powerful (v 4-7). His language is boastful (v 8-10). And his goal is clear: “You shall be our servants!” (v 9). The Bible does not hide Satan’s plans from us.

God’s people were terrified. They were dismayed and greatly afraid (v 11). It was obvious that they were too weak against such an enemy. This is also true with regard to the church and her great enemy. It’s only realistic to understand that there is no chance for us to fight Satan and his army.

God sends His anointed one. It’s not the little shepherd boy David anymore who now appears on the scene. It’s God’s anointed king (ch 16)! And what is his mission? “See, if your brothers are well!” (v 18). They were not. They were under attack! Watch how quickly God’s anointed king ran to the ranks (v 22) in order to help them. God’s anointed king was ready to fight the enemy. Note that David, foreshadowing Christ, did not plan to fight the battle together with, but for the people of God (v 32)! And David, too, had a clear goal in mind. Once and for all God’s people shall understand that the battle is the Lord’s (v 47).

God’s anointed king wins the victory! It’s a victory in two phases. Phase 1: The enemy fell on his face to the ground (v 49).  Phase 2: Then David … took his (the Philistine’s) sword and … killed him and cut off his head with it. As the church of Christ we are living in phase 1. Our enemy is defeated, but not completely destroyed. However phase 2 will come for sure! Rejoice!

The people of God took advantage of the victory of God’s anointed one (v 52). They were allowed and even expected to do so.  And so are we! Christ has won the victory! He alone was able.  Because our Champion has won, we have won. Let’s step into His victory! This is how a victorious life begins.

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:57

Gerd Walter