Victorious Life 5

So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin
and alive to God in Christ Jesus.
Romans 6:11 (ESV)

One of the most powerful helps for a victorious life is that we see ourselves the way Scripture describes us. You also must consider yourselves dead to sin. In the verse before we read that Christ died to sin once for all. And He now lives victoriously to God. With us it shall be the same.

In order for this to happen it is important to understand who is dead. Sin is not dead. Sin is actually very much alive. But we are dead to sin. According to the Bible death always involves separation. It’s a breaking off of an existing relationship. Christ through his death has separated us from the power of sin. Our relationship to sin has ended. And we shall not try to start it again. Unfortunately, sin does not accept this separation. Sin often tries to re-establish this relationship, so that we would think that there has never been a breaking off. How can we have victory?

Believe it! Believe that it is true! You are dead to sin and therefore sin does not have any power over you. When slavery in the USA had just been abolished, a slave heard about it and ran to another slave to tell him the good news. This other slave went to his master and joyfully told him: “Massa, you cannot give me any orders anymore! I’m free.” But his master said with strong conviction: “Nonsense! Who told you that? Go to work!” His slave believed him – and continued to serve him. The next morning the first slave was wondering, “Why are you doing this? Did I not tell you, we are free?” – “Well, yes, you told me, but my master told me something else!” The first slave pointed to a newspaper in his hand: “Look! ‘Slavery in USA abolished!’” Finally the other slave believed. His old master could tell him whatever he wanted. His former slave just left. And the master had no right to hold him back.

It doesn’t matter what sin tells you, you are free! – Believe it! When you get a phone call on your mobile, what do you do first? You look to see who is calling, right? If sin calls, it’s not impolite to not take the call. You don’t have any relationship to sin anymore. There is no need for a response when sin leaves a message in the inbox of your heart. Do you believe that you are dead to sin? This is something for your heart and mind to agree upon. There also is something for you to do here, but we will look at this in our next devotion. Remember, the first step to victory over sin is to see ourselves as Scripture describes us.

Paul does not say that Christians do not sin anymore.
However, the dominating power of sin has been broken through the death of Christ.
For a Christian, spiritual growth through the process of sanctification is therefore possible and should be sought by all means.

Gerd Walter