Christ has risen – and so will we!

“Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.” Luke 24:5b-6a (ESV)

 Why do you seek the living among the dead? For sure the hearts of the women were full of love for Jesus when at early dawn they came to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. However, at that moment their hearts were also full of ignorance and blindness. The angels’ question was not meant to rebuke these dear women, but to clearly show that because of what happened that Easter morning, it was absurd and in vain to seek the living Christ among the dead.

Why do you seek the living among the dead? Unfortunately, many still do this today, including some historians, scientists and even theologians. The angels’ question is still appropriate and it refers to one’s motives. Why do you do that? The answer is partly, because it’s totally unthinkable for “modern” man to seek Jesus somewhere else. He died, so consequently they seek Him among the dead. A second, and perhaps more serious answer, is that people seek Him there, because they want to find Him there. For them it would be most terrifying to find Christ among the living. Then He would truly be the Son of God and must be acknowledged; what they both refuse and hate to do. It’s not the facts, but their motives that determine what unbelievers think about Christ

Why do you seek the living among the dead? Is this even a question for us as believers? Are we sometimes like the women though we should know better? Do we live as if Jesus were among the dead? Like when we forget that He is in control of every circumstance in our lives, including the ones we are presently worrying about or are upset about. Or like when we try to find the solutions to our problems ourselves, instead of depending on Him for wisdom and direction. Is this not like acting as if Jesus is among the dead?

He is not here! As long as blind ignorance fills one’s heart, an empty tomb leads to perplexity, an inability to grasp the truth behind it. Then people will think, that either somebody took Him and brought Him somewhere else or that the whole story is made up. However, when the blindness has been taken away from our hearts, an empty tomb makes total sense and the fact that Jesus is not here prepares our heart for the real truth about Easter.

HE HAS RISEN! Since that wonderful Easter morning, these three words echo through the centuries! They have changed the course of history! They have created shouts of joy and comforted uncountable hearts. Since He has risen, He lives today and reigns today and cares today! Later in the chapter we read about the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were sad, frustrated and tired – until they met Jesus. This encounter with the living consoled, encouraged and strengthened them. Because He has risen Christ can do the same for you today!

Gerd Walter