Camp Mrčajevci Construction (Serbia)


Eleven years ago, Camp Mrčajevci was founded by Child Evangelism Fellowship in Serbia. It has been a spiritual oasis that nurtures faith and trust in the Lord in the hearts of many children, teens, and youth in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The goal of the camp is to reach children and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to encourage spiritual growth, and to equip young people for ministry. In the last few years, we have succeeded during our summer season in reaching up to 500 campers. This brought us to pray for the expansion of the space for activities and the capacity of the camp, because we did not have a dining room or a conference room. Last year in the spring, the Lord made it possible for us to begin the construction of a main building containing a dining room, kitchen, a utility room with a kitchenette, and a main conference room.

Our prayers continue for this need. We need to complete this main building so we can get the proper permits, and also so we can broaden activities at the camp, use the campground throughout the year, and improve the quality of the camp work itself. In order to finish the building completely, it is necessary to do electrical installations, plastering, insulation of the roof and sheetrock, tiles, lighting, heating, interior doors, bar, furnishing the space, terraces and an additional staircase, thermal insulation of the building, and the facade. The whole building is 470 m2 in size. The total cost of all the construction is $70,000 (€64,000)

We pray for God’s guidance, for generous hearts, and for the Lord to provide the necessary means for further work.


Update 5th of February 2020

Ways that you can be a part of this ministry in Serbia and contribute to the camp project are as follows:

1. If you have construction skills, you can give of your time and labor to help us with the work. Contact us by email so we can arrange a time slot.

2. By purchasing or donating materials, you can provide us with the resources we need to work.

3. You can make a donation for this project clicking on the following buttons:

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