Camp site in Kyrgyzstan

Lake Issyk Kul is a well-known resort area in eastern Kyrgyzstan. The CEF team has been using old Soviet era facilities to hold Bible camps there for around 700 children each year. Lives of boys and girls have been changed by the Word of God through the power of God. Even though the buildings are in need of repair and the meals are of poor quality, parents enroll their children up to a year in advance. Recently a Muslim Imam sent his children to a camp.

A five-acre plot of land has been found near a part of the lake, where it is safe to bathe. In addition to hosting Bible camps for children and young people, the property will be used for conferences, training courses and seminars. The Lord has graciously provided for the purchase of the land in February 2016 and now we continue to look to Him for the funds needed to construct the building on the site.

By supporting this project, you can bring change and new hope to this generation growing up in Kyrgyzstan.

“The children came from different social backgrounds, many from non-Christian homes, some have trusted Christ. We thank the Lord for this “period of grace.” One child, on the last day, wrote a letter to God: “Dear God, the time at camp was very special for me. Here I was really happy, not like in our orphanage. And I have one more request: Forgive my sin and come into my life. I ask you with all my heart, please. Amen!”

Cef of Kyrgyzstan


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