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CEF Centre refurbishing project, Durres, Albania


We are very grateful for the centre which has been a great blessing for the growing ministry of CEF Albania in the past years. The building was purchased in 1999 and it was ready for use in 2001.

The building has a multipurpose use.

Firstly, it serves as a national centre with two offices and literature storage. Churches and partner mission organizations come to buy teaching materials for their ministry.

The second purpose is to host teacher training sessions and residential courses. The classroom is well equipped for training and 7 guest rooms provide accommodation for 26 people. In the summer months we are using the building to host camps for children and teenagers.

One of the children from a Good News Club had invited her friend to attend camp. She came and liked the camp so much that the next week she brought her brother Klaudio. Their family has very strong Muslim convictions, so during the week Klaudio had many questions about God, declaring that he was a Muslim. However, during the week he learned more about the true God and accepted Jesus, and we prayed for him. It was obvious that he was different than he had been at the beginning of the week. The change in him could be seen on his face.

As time goes by the weaknesses in structure and quality of materials has become more and more visible. In order to avoid major structural deterioration, we need to do some urgent repairs on the building:

Complete outside insulation (€14.000).
Fixing the roof and drainage system (€5.000).
Insulate the foundation (€5.000).
Fixing the sliding gate (€3.000).
Heating system service (€3.000).

Details of the repairs needed can be found here

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