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Computer for the IT ministry in CEF Europe




From September 2018, I have been involved in the CEF Europe IT Department. Our goal is to promote the CEF ministry on the Internet to the people in Europe. The second goal of the department is to create online tools so that children can be under the influence of the Gospel every day and in every place.


CEF vision is Every Child, Every Nation, Every day.

So far, CEF has published many high-quality materials for children and teachers. But times are changing rapidly and Internet technologies are playing an increasingly greater part in our lives.  But through Internet technologies, we can achieve our goal and reach children every day and in every place.

Amazingly, God provided me a laptop for ministry more than 6 years ago. It was a miracle I did not expect. This laptop helped me to complete any project at any time. However, everything has a lifespan and this laptop is starting to weaken and not work as well as it used to. Every job requires a stable computer and the computer is one of my primary tools for the ministry.

I have put this matter before God in faith to raise 3.500 EUR, so I can purchase a new computer. In this way, I can continue to serve the Lord effectively over the next few years. I am writing this letter aware of how much funds are needed, but also convinced that God has a way to provide all that is required.

Can you pray for this need? And should the Lord impress it upon your heart, any financial gift that you can give will be of great help to the glory of the Lord. If you want more information, I am open to share with you more details regarding this project.


* This is an approved CEF – European project

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