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Lego Camp in Moldova


“Will you organize a lego camp next summer like you did this summer?” Sure, why are you asking? “Please let me know when you will have the next camp with lego from the first day (so I can attend from the beginning). I did enjoy the time at camp and I would like to be part of this kind of camp even from the first day and also bring my little brother.” This was our conversation with Nicoleta, a 9 year old girl that was invited to attend the lego camp on the second day. We doubted she would be allowed to come when Melisa handed her the invitation, but she came, was very active and is looking forward to the summer camp 2019.


Last year many kids like Nicoleta attended one of the 9 camps organized in different places in Moldova. For some of them, it was the first time in such a camp, and some heard the Gospel for the first time.

In each lego camp last year there where between 50 and 120 children. This summer we have planned 9 camps, 7 of them are in places or churches where these kind of camps will be held for the first time. Pray with us for each camp, for volunteers, for all the kids that will attend and for €450 necessary to cover the cost of a camp. The amount covers the costs for lunch, travel, sweets and other surprises for the children.

Let us offer the children from these places the possibility to attend this kind of camp and the chance to hear the Gospel. Be part of this wonderful ministry!!!


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