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So far with a _ _ _


I’m a three letter word
That can get you very far
As I have four wheels
Which means that I am a _ _ _

The answer to this little children’s riddle, is of course, a CAR. It’s true that a car can “get you very far”. And that has been our experience in Spain. With our car we have been to Good News Clubs, Teacher Training Days, Gospel campaigns, 5 Day Clubs and camps. We have travelled all around Spain and God has blessed us over these years.

One child said,

“I am thankful that you are able to pick us up to go to the Good News Club. If it were not for the car we would not be able to attend and we would miss learning many stories from the Bible.”

And another child at camp said,

“What a blessing that you have this car to load with all the food and other things needed for the camp! We are very thankful to God for the car.”


Each year we have the privilege of travelling between 25,000 – 30,000 km with our car and this is a reflection of the opportunities that we have to take the Gospel to children and invest in many, many children’s workers. For this we are so thankful.

Now, however, our car is 11 years old and has done more than 350,000 kilometres. It is becoming more and more expensive to repair and the engine is starting to give us problems. We believe that it would be wise to replace this current car and so we have begun to pray that God will provide for us to have a newer ministry car.

  • Please pray that God will provide the finances for the car;
  • Please pray that we will know clearly which car to buy;

  • Please also pray for the ministry in Spain. A car is useful to us as long as God gives opportunities to serve Him in this way. Pray that He will continue to use us for His glory.

We estimate that the cost to replace our car will be €20,000. May God provide the needed funds for this through His people and may those who give become faithful prayer partners for the precious children of Spain.

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