Reaching Children Online



“The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” NLT Translation 

Vision of heart; why we are doing this. 

CEF have always had a vision to reach young people with the Good news. We live in a world of screens, more children are growing up with only these, so we want to make sure there is efficient quality children’s material available online 

What is our need? 

One of the initiatives of CEF is more workers. We pray for people who will join CEF so even more children can hear the Gospel. Volunteers make up a huge part of our team and without them we would not be able to do all that we do, can you help in this area? 

How can this project help us? 

From last year we started to promote CEF ministry online through IG and FB. It is encouraging that people started to respond and react to our posts and we see the interaction. We believe that internet technologies impact this world, and more people follow what is happening through the internet. We want to present CEF and what CEF offer on the internet so more people can see the importance and impact of God’s word in children’s lives. 

What do we want to see? 

We want to see more people who will be part of the CEF ministry. As prayer supporters, Financial s upporters of team members/workers. When we work together, we can double our strength, creativity, and drive to get much more done as a team to bring glory to God. Ecclesiastes 4:9 

“I know that my heart is like this” said little Masha showing the white, clean page from the Wordless Book during this year’s children’s summer camp. “How do you know?” asked her teacher. She explained that she simply did what she learnt during the quiet time in the room.

Words from Children around the world


You encouraged me on the way. What would I have done without you? You took care of me, Just an ordinary child on the site. I miss your counsel. You are like an electronic diary, that can’t be broken into by any virus, you are like a real friend.”

Words from Children around Europe

Child on wondersurf (Romania)

On the last day of our 5-Day Club two boys shared publicly that they have asked the Lord Jesus to forgive their sins. On Sunday morning, Slavi, one of the boys, brought his mother to Church.This was their first time at Church.

Words from Workers around Europe

Viara Bulgaria

* This is an approved CEF – European project

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