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Printer for Croatia


Printer for the CEF Office in Croatia

Operation World states as one of it’s prayer requests the following:
“High unemployment, little confidence in the future, functional godlessness and widespread drug use (80% of teens) show that hope is in short supply. Creative outreach and authentic love will see a response if believers are willing to stick it out.”

Croatia is a beautiful country, with a rich history. There are over 4 million people living in the country that can boast the oldest inhabited city in Europe, the creator of the neck tie and the Dalmatian dog!

However, if you take time to look beyond the beauty, you will see a great spiritual need.


Praise God for the opportunity to bring hope through the three CEF worker and many volunteers. We are also in the process of establishing a National Board.

The ministry of CEF in Croatia has been focused more on the Northwest part of the country in the past, but we continue to pray that God will open opportunities in many other places too.

Many Romani as well as Croatian children are attending the different camps and Good News Clubs. Clubs are often to be held in the open-air even during the winter because of not having a place to meet with the children.

We believe that it is extremely important to train our volunteers, provide teaching materials and give children and young people materials that they can read for themselves. Currently the literature ministry is small but it is our goal to provide quality evangelistic material to teachers.

A printer will help us amazingly in this ministry. We pray for a good laser colour printer for our office, including two sets of toner, which we can easily use to print out material as and when it is needed.

* This is an approved CEF – European project

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