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If you have a question which is not listed here, please feel free to contact us. We will try so answer to your question as soon is possible. Don’t forget, we are here for you.

When you make the difference in the life of a child, you make a long term investment. Our goal is that every child in Europe would have the opportunity to hear the Gospel message once in their lives. Gifts given enable us to come closer to achieving this goal.

Whether you give for workers so that they can devote their time to evangelise children and train others or whether you give for a child to attend camp – your gift is making a difference!

Every additional gift means one more child to camp, or one more DVD distributed or one more life reached. As you read about the projects listed on this site, you will see that each gift really does make a difference.

We try not to use the word “donor” to speak about those who give for the children in Romania to hear the Gospel. Our prayer is that each person who gives would become a ministry partner. For us this means that we are a team. Some pray, some give and some go and together we can witness God change lives in Europe.

Since you are our ministry partner, we want you to rejoice with us as the projects are supported and children are reached and we will keep the site updated and inform you of how God is working through newsletters and prayer calendars. And we want to hear from you. We want to know how we can pray
for you and be a blessing to you. Do keep in contact!

Any gift – large or small, is very much appreciated. We recognize that you have chosen to use the money that God has given you so that children can hear the Gospel and we praise God for His provision.

The Bible tells us that the way we give is more important that the amount we give
– so give cheerfully and trust that God will bless your gift for His glory.

We will use 100% of your donation for the project. Administration costs are covered by ministry partners who help with these costs. However no administration charge is taken from donations given for projects.

All gifts are recorded in our bookkeeping. If you give via the bank or post office you will receive receipt of your donation immediately. If you give by cash to the National Office, we will issue you a receipt.

We make a commitment to all our ministry partners, that we will use the money as designated. If you give for radio ministry, then your gift will be used for radio ministry. If you give for a project that is no longer in need of support, we will contact you about this to suggest redirecting your gift to another project.

Wherever you are, you can donate online through this site.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us for more information.