Our Core Values

The Importance of Godly Leadership at Every Level

Spiritual leadership is the highest form of authority. The men and women who
lead must have a personal heart for God in order to be able to discern the will of
God and lead the ministry effectively. Regardless of the skill of a leader, if he or
she lacks a heart for God, the work will be eroded at its very foundation.

The Importance of the Spiritual Welfare of our Workers

It is vital that we are never satisfied to simply teach our staff the methods of how
to reach children and how to train others to do so, but we must purposefully
invest in the spiritual lives of our staff. When CEF staff are men and women who
are primarily driven by passion for God and His glory and have a clear call from
the Lord, the work will prosper. If we keep our focus on God and on His calling,
then we will be sustained in times of challenge.

The Importance of Prayer as Our Foundation

It is not the work we do, the meetings we hold or the decisions we make that
bring the greatest advances in the work; it is the time spent before the throne of
God in prayer, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that brings power, laborers
and resources into the ministry.

The Importance of Evangelizing Children

There is no limit to the number of organizations that do many good things that
are important to boys and girls in need. We are thankful for them and believe
that God uses them to help hurting children. CEF, however, has been called by
God to make it our highest priority to present the Gospel so children may be
saved and discipled in God’s Word. We must stay on point.

The Importance of a Clear and Biblical Presentation of the Gospel

The fact that a young child can comprehend the simple message of salvation and
become a child of God is the foundational principle of CEF. Everything else that
we do is based upon this fact. The good news of Jesus Christ is the power of God
unto salvation. We must present it clearly and accurately.

The Importance of a Commitment to Excellence, for the Glory of God

Every aspect of the work, no matter how big or small, has significance. This
includes the training we conduct, the materials we produce, the facilities we use
and the way we present ourselves. In every area we must strive for excellence to
the glory of God!